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  • Bane Chahe Dushman - Duet with Vishal
    Bane Chahe Dushman - Duet with Vishal A lovely song I got an opportunity to sing with Vishal who's young college boy's voice makes me remind of my own college/university's friends during the mid 70's. I admired his singing but has unfortunately gone missing from our circle of music sharing friends. Sharing this nostalgic song on my profile this time. Hope friends enjoy it. Original Singers: Mohammad Rafi-Kishore Kumar Music Directors: Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Dostana 1980
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:56 74 0 Downloads 19 Comments
  • Dil Hoom Hoom Kare
    Dil Hoom Hoom Kare No specific reason why I chose to upload this song from my mixes today but it is a good song. Bhupen Hazarika composed and sang this song. Lata Mangeshkar also sang this song. I like both versions but I enjoyed the folk style of Bhupen Hazarika more. Hope you enjoy this song in my cover. Film: Rudaali 1993 Lyricist: Gulzar
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:55 77 1 Downloads 18 Comments
  • Masti Bhara Hai Sama - Duet with Latha Ganti
    Masti Bhara Hai Sama - Duet with Latha Ganti This is a lovely oldie from Hindi cinema. I sang this song four years ago with Latha Ganti. She got this track prepared and sang her part beautifully. I like this song and thought to share it with you friends. Some of you might have already listened when she uploaded on Muziboo. Hope you all enjoy our cover. Original Singers: Manna Day & Lata Mangeshkar Music Director: Dattaram Lyricist: Hasrat Jaipuri Film: Parvarish (1958)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:15 92 0 Downloads 25 Comments
  • Ye Hawa Ye Raat Ye Chandni - Talat Mehmood song
    Ye Hawa Ye Raat Ye Chandni - Talat Mehmood song This is one of the admired song among Talat Mehmood fans. I liked it since long and got the opportunity to cover it. I hope friends will enjoy this oldie in my voice. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Music Director: Sajjad Hussain Lyricist: Rajinder Krishan Film: Sangdil (1952)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:16 92 1 Downloads 24 Comments
  • Tujhe Kya Sunaoon Main Dilruba - a Rafi song
    Tujhe Kya Sunaoon Main Dilruba - a Rafi song I think Madan Mohan was impressed by Sajjad Hussain's tune for "Ye Hawa Ye Raat Ye Chandni" created in 1952 so much that he wanted to create something in those lines too. He created this song for film Aakhri Dao in 1958 and used Rafi's voice. The Mukhda has almost the same melody but the antaras were twisted in a different way but beautifully. I don't know how the critics took this song back then but I believe since it was created by a team of masters they must have enjoyed and appreciated this song also. For folks who began listening these songs later in life must have gotten confused which song is which. I remember getting confused and mixing lyrics with each other while singing whenever either of the songs appeared in thoughts. To prepare a cover I had to listen Rafi's version carefully and tried to not infuse the other song. Whenever I sang this song at a Mehfil people who knew oldies always requested to sing the other song sung by Talat Mehmood also. I will share the Talat song next week so friends here can listen and compare the differences and yet enjoy and appreciate the efforts by these two music directors. I hop you all enjoy this one. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Director: Madan Mohan Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Aakhri Dao (1958)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:13 100 2 Downloads 27 Comments
  • Ye Zamin Gaa Rahi Hai
    Ye Zamin Gaa Rahi Hai A lovely song from the early 80's which sounded a bit different comparing with the usual top singers from the time but was catchy and became popular. Even this time when it came to my thoughts I was not clear as to who might have been its creators. On a second thought I felt could it be RD and Anand Bakhshi as I like their work and had lots of similarities with content, excluding the voice of the singer Amit Kumar. It turned out they were its creators. For those who have heard the original can quickly figure who sang the intro part in the original. It was among one of the easiest yoodling carried out by Kishore Kumar, and hence I could dare to attempt it too:) otherwise he was an expert at shouting all kinds of crazy vocals which no one else could replicate. Hope you enjoy this song in my cover. Original Singer: Amit Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Teesri Qassam (1982)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:05:14 106 0 Downloads 36 Comments
  • Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi
    Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi A simple song with simple lyrics from a Pakistani film Andleeb. This song had a female version also that was sung by Noor Jahan. I sang and recorded this song cover some 8-9 years ago but I still enjoy listening to it. Thought of re-sharing it with you friends. For some with whom I have been associated since eSnips days might remember it but I assume it must have been forgotten by now. Karaoke tracks were hard to get those days and specially for Pakistani songs I had to ask Shahid Kamal, now quite popular on Youtube and elsewhere to prepare this track for me. Hope you enjoy this song in my cover. Original Singer: Ahmed Rushdi Music Director: Nisar Bazmi Lyricist: Kaleem Usmani Film: Andleeb (1969)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:02:49 96 0 Downloads 33 Comments
  • Main Tere Ajnabi Shehar Mein-a Mujeeb Aalam song
    Main Tere Ajnabi Shehar Mein-a Mujeeb Aalam song Uploading a Pakistani film song from the 1970 that I liked very much and covered almost 7-8 years ago and shared on eSnips. Some friends might have heard this song but it has been quite a while and must have been forgotten, so I felt I should reintroduce it here. Typical melody from that era. Hope friends will enjoy it. Original Singer: Mujeeb Aalam Music Director: Nisar Bazmi Lyricist: Saif-uddin Saif Film: Shama Aur Parwana (1970)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:40 102 0 Downloads 27 Comments
  • Aur Kya Ehed-e-Wafa Hote Hain
    Aur Kya Ehed-e-Wafa Hote Hain I knew this ghazal like song was sung by Suresh Wadkar also but I admired the one sung by Aasha Bhosle very much. It was my wish to sing this song since long but I had no track and was delighted when Praveen covered it last week and sent me the track. Also I had never looked into who composed it and who was the poet but when I saw the credits it was from the best duo who created many top songs together. The picture on the right is Anand Bakhshi Ji with R.D. Burman. The track must have been magnificent but the guy who dubbed melody basically degraded it and restricted the cover singers to follow his guide line only. Despite that I am thankful that a track exist and people who like this song can sing. I hope you all enjoy this song in my voice . Original Singers who sang this song separately: Suresh Wadkar/Aasha Bhosle Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Sunny 1984
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:51 113 3 Downloads 28 Comments
  • Sapnon Ke Shehar - a Kishore Kumar song
    Sapnon Ke Shehar - a Kishore Kumar song A nice song that I remember listening during the early 80's. Never watched the film but only today watched a glimpse of this song on YT. Simple but Afsaanvi (short romantic story) type lyrics. Had tough time searching its lyricist but found it...hope it is correct and hope friends enjoy this song. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: Bappi Lahiri Lyrics: Ravindra Peepat Film: Ahsaas 1979
    Muzaffar.N... 00:06:38 102 1 Downloads 34 Comments
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