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Started composing music in the year 1999 and since then always searching for new ways and methods in order to produce quality crystal-clean audio outputs. Every track has an original unique style, a hard beat and a clubby approach.

Open Source brings a new firmament in psy trance scene and reflects the overwhelming growth in the world-wide popularity for progressive music with a unique effective sound. His stand-out production skills along with his flexible musical direction has already started the buzz with inquiries for live shows and dj-sets.

Inevitably the hottest new prospect on international psy trance scene.

Djopensource`s Uploads

  • For The People
    For The People Free Download @ www.facebook.com/DJopensource The third episode of the sequel to "Psycho Bitch" - "Live in Thailand" is out with the title "For The People". Brand new remixes and re-edits of previously released tracks all brought to you exclusively in this mix and put together NOT for the mainstream music industry but.. FOR THE PEOPLE!
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  • Open Source - Highly Motivated To Rock You
    Open Source - Highly Motivated To Rock You FREE download @ https://www.facebook.com/djopensource/ The time has come to experience something new. An extraordinary production from an unexpected source. To say that both the music and its maker will challenge your preconceptions about fine psytrance, would be simply an understatement. They will ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE ! Ladies and gentlemen, Open Source is.. Highly Motivated To Rock You!
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  • Open Source Live in Thailand
    Open Source Live in Thailand FREE download @ https://www.facebook.com/djopensource/ During his 2 month tour in Thailand, Open Source started building this mix which took 6 additional months in the studio to complete. As a strong believer that PSYTRANCE is not for minority but for ALL THE PEOPLE, Open Source combines diverse musical influences in the most genuine live mix of the year. Ladies & gentlemen, 2016's hottest DJ.. Open Source. Tracklist: 01. Open Source - Indian Calling 02. Open Source - A Thousand Joys (new edit) 03. Open Source - A Great Dream (radio edit) 04. Talamasca - Obsessive Dream (Open Source rmx) 05. Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move (Open Source rmx) 06. Open Source - Rapid Rabbit 07. Shakira - Loca (Open Source rmx) 08. Open Source - This Is Paradise (rmx) 09. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Open Source rmx) 10. Open Source - Blessed All Forms Of Intelligence
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  • Open Source - Psycho Bitch [Live Act]
    Open Source - Psycho Bitch [Live Act] FREE download @ https://www.facebook.com/djopensource/ The crazy bitch is here. Walking all alone, she's all dressed up and knocking at your door. Better not touch her, she'll burst your bubble. Vital hormones on legs, she is ready to blow your life apart. Unpredictable, independent, dangerous.. spicy-sweet temptation that you need to stay away from. And when she makes herself comfortable, you know you are in trouble. She presses play and you hear this crazy mix from your stereo speakers that sounds demented. A psychedelic blend of some classics remixed, all combined and perfectly suited to make you feel strained. When her final act is all over, you're left standing here alone, changed, reborn. Tracklist: 1. Source Code & Enarxis - Five Spirits (Open Source rmx) 2. Open Source - Planet Blue (final edit) 3. Open Source - High Progressive (short edit) 4. Enarxis - Human Interface (Open Source rmx) 5. Michael Jackson - Bad (Open Source rmx) 6. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Open Source rmx) 7. Open Source - Mousiki (extended edit) 8. The Prodigy - No Good (Open Source rmx) 9. Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (Open Source rmx) 10. Open Source - In Cyclones (short edit)
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  • Open Source - Summer 2015 [DJ Set]
    Open Source - Summer 2015 [DJ Set] FREE download @ https://www.facebook.com/djopensource/ Summer set played in Psychedelic Circus & Airbeat One 2015, remastered exclusively for Diceradio broadcast. Tracklist: 1. Open Source - Bad Habits (Remix) 2. Open Source - Ego Killer (Original Mix) 3. Open Source - Sending My Signal (Radio Edit) 4. Open Source - Darkness Falls Across The Land (Radio Edit) 5. Open Source - Too Rare To Die (Radio Edit) 6. Open Source - Magic Garden (Short Edit) 7. Open Source - Trance Anthem (Original Mix) 8. Open Source - Space Kablooie (Original Mix) 9. Open Source - Psychedelic Realm (Progressive Edit)
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